2011 action all the way

This year has been very eventful, starting with a Super Bowl trip to Dallas to see the Steelers and Packers. Green Bay won this time so that's 1-1 in Super Bowls for me. The people sat around me were great fun as usual. Four lads from Cal who drank beers all game were funny!

Later in February, a trip to Milan with the main goal to see Internatzionale football team in action at Giuseppe Miazza Stadium (aka San Siro).

At work a big year. I took redundancy, second time it was offered, which was accepted. I was able to pay off the mortgage on the house with the years service I gained.

This allowed me to go on more travels to Hong Kong, Barcelona and Seattle/Vancouver. Awesome.

On the action front, I kept up the Wing Chun Kung Fu, making a 6th trip to Hong Kong. Also went back to Aikido but after some health problems, struggled to get back.

On the downside, I am leaving the car in the garage as insurance costs doubled! Time to downsize! This has given me an idea for a blog about life without a car, so watch this space...