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Hong Kong quick guide

After many visits to Hong Kong I've learned a few things so here is my quick traveller's guide. Generally, don't travel with too many bags. It's easy to forget something. I left my wallet in a toilet once and although I realised quickly and it was found by a cleaner, the money in it had gone if not the credit cards. I've also left cameras lying about which is why I prefer compact cameras you can stick in your pocket now.
  1. Before you travel make sure you've been to the doctor and have had the right injections.
  2. If bringing gifts, check the duty free limits.
  3. If wanting to bring more here is what it will cost.
  4. The airport is big but well designed. After coming through customs it filters into the exit area. Around here you there's a desk where you can get an octopus card. Get 200 HK$ on it to start. Well worth it even for short stays. You could get the Airport Express travel pass if you are staying for 3 days or less as you get unlimited travel on other services. *Note: A single ride on the Express is 90 HKD. *Note 2: If not topped up for 1000 days, the card expires and will need re-activating.
  5. To get to Kowloon you can get a bus which takes longer than the express subway train (MTR) but is much cheaper. The express train will get you to Hong Kong island as well as West Kowloon.
  6. The bus I normally get is the 21A which goes to Nathan Road.
  7. Your passport should have at least 6 months left. And check your country for entry VISA requirements.
  8. Staying in a hotel? Check for a long stay discount.
  9. Staying in a hostel? There are plenty so shop around. I use or look for sites with reviews. is another option.
  10. Public transport is cheap. Here you can find fare guides.
  11. Always useful to take some local currency with you but as HK is a banking centre, you will get better exchange rates out there. Shop around!
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