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Come Dine With Me 2 : Garry's

posted 5 May 2010, 23:25 by John Barber   [ updated 9 Jun 2010, 13:48 ]
Well I say. It's been a while since the actual day so I have finally got down to writing up a review.
The presentation on the night was excellent. The food was great, mostly. And the entertainment was as always first class.
Starter was a combination of nibbles. Fried bread with chorizo, nachos with meat/cheese & cerrano ham salad. All ok but nothing too adventurous.
Main course was a Mexican(?) dish chimchanga with chicken. This was ok but Garry managed to balls up the rice.
Pudding was a spot on Tiramisu which for some reason I thought was Greek! I have been corrected. Muto bene!
And afterwards, instead of going out, we replayed the diary room vids and played scrabble. No guesses the winner ;)
So all in all a great one from G Man!
Starter 7
Main 6
Desert 10
Presentation 8
Entertainment 8