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Come dine with me, Round 1

posted 28 Mar 2010, 14:19 by John Barber   [ updated 28 Mar 2010, 14:35 ]
Here's my thoughts on round one, hosted by me.
I was keen to do this as I haven't really done anything like that before so I was looking forward to it.
The preparation went well but I was disappointed that the guest re-arranged the start time from 6pm to 7:30pm and then turned up at 7:45pm!
Obviously, I couldn't start cooking until they arrived so I was getting pretty hungry myself.
The starter, balsamic mushrooms is something that is quick and easy and I have tried a couple of times. I think it's tasty and can even be eaten cold, but maybe I over did it with the Vinegar/Wine. Anyway, I would give myself 7/10 for that.
Main course, turkey/apricot bake, done with chicken instead. This was done well and well received. I would give myself full marks 10/10 for this. Tip for next time would be to soak the apricots to soften them a bit.
Pudding. I really wanted to do a jelly but because of ingredients and timings, decided to just do blackberries in Cassis. Pretty plain and simple but no one liked it except me. Oh well. 5/10. Gonna practice making jelly for next time.
Presentation. I impressed myself by getting the house fairly presentable. Need to keep it up! 8/10 for effort.
Entertainment. I put some music on my Mac which went well but didn't have a lot else. Oh, I almost forgot. I did a menu and prepared a diary room for the guest to pass comments. That was good so maybe not so bad on the entertainment. But did we really need to go out? If the guys would have preferred to stay in then I would have seen that as total success. Just showing a few holiday snaps of New York was not really going to cut it. 6/10.
Starter 7
Main 10
Desert 5
Presentation 8
Entertainment 6
Let's see how Garry does next round!